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  During the Ralph Lauren Inspire Internship Program, the interns were tasked with working in groups for a project entitled “Unisex: From Design  to Presenting to Consumers”. The project required an in-depth project proposal to be provided to company executive teams. The problem presented to the interns was that Unisex clothing is often oversized,  limited to lounge wear, and very rarely a part of the narrative ‘story’ that the brand sells to its consumers. our group brainstormed several ideas before landing on the idea of the rugby shirt. Our research was rooted in Ralph's success in Rugby shirts in the past and much of our inspiration came from Academia. Our group also wanted to continue the success seen in Ralph's made to order Polo program and its UNMADE program. The UNMADE program is a relatively new program at the company which aims to limit textile waste by eliminating the traditional cut & sew process and instead uses a knit 3D print approach. Our team held the belief that this would further push our consumers to purchase as we were targeting a younger demographic. Through our made to order Rugby idea, we also wanted to create custom patches to be available in this process. The patches ranged from graphics of Ralph Lauren's dog named "Rugby", which we found ideal for the project. We also created a patch including a graphic from Ralph's Round hill hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica. My work on this project included designing, Patterning, and showcasing our Rugby shirts. I created three different fits for the consumer to choose from and several different color ways. I created these patterns and used the Clo 3D software to showcase a 3D drape. We received positive feedback and were able to present our project to the Ralph Lauren Executives.  

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